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Oregon Rotary Model United Nations | April 10-11, 2021

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The second annual Oregon Rotary Model United Nations (ORRMUN) Conference is tentatively scheduled to take place on April 10 and 11. 2021 online via Zoom. The ORRMUN will be hosted by the Rotary Club of Eugene, Oregon. Our Rotary community is only the second in the entire United States to operate a Model United Nations program. The first was started by San Diego area Rotarians. The ORRMUN is patterned after the United Nations General Assembly meetings. We recruit delegations of two students to represent member nations of the United Nations. These students are selected, sponsored, supported, and advised by participating Rotary Clubs and sponsors. The advisor attends the Conference to support their delegation. Advisors may be a Rotarian, a teacher, or other interested member of the community.

Prior to the Model United Nations Conference, one resolution will be distributed to the participating ‘nations’. The resolution will closely relate to currently pressing international issues before the real UN General Assembly. The student delegations are given training in peaceful conflict resolution, diplomatic negotiating, and analytical thinking and speaking skills. As ambassadors of their particular nation, students will research the political, economic, and cultural aspects of their nation in order to develop that country’s position on the resolution. They will then weave those positions into sponsoring, supporting, or opposing speeches directed to the resolution.

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During the Model United Nations Conference, the student delegates present their prepared speeches to the General Assembly. On Saturday afternoon they also break into smaller caucus groups to forge alliances and propose, discuss, and draft various amendments to the resolution that will hopefully satisfy the positions of the various countries.

On Sunday, the delegations will present and debate each caucus group’s amendments to the resolution. After further collaborations and refinements of the various amendments, the students will then vote on the amendments to the resolution with the goal of reaching unanimity or majority consensus on a final amendment to the resolution.

Please read the Student Introduction Letter and the ORRMUN FAQ below to find out more information about in the ORRMUN. The Rotary Model United Nations is not a competitive program. We emphasize peaceful consensus building and diplomacy among all our student delegates. We focus on instilling the Rotary spirit of “Service Above Self” and other essential tools to enable you to become effective negotiators, consensus builders, peace makers, and community leaders. These are skill sets you will use in whatever career you pursue. In addition, Model United Nations participation looks great on your college application and/or resume! You will also have an opportunity to establish an academic relationship with your advisor that may result in a letter of recommendation from a respected Rotarian and member of your community.

We hope to inspire students to become creative problem solvers and perhaps the next community leaders, diplomats, or Rotarians of our world.

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