Student Research Timeline

Student & Advisor Orientation
Date: late January 2020 (exact time TBA)
Time:  Approximately 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Lunch will be served.
Location: TBA

Background Research on your Country
Mid-January to mid-February
Click the link below to view the Country Research Outline.  This will get you started.  We will provide research links to the UN, the CIA, the US State Department and country government websites around the world for you to access additional detailed information.

Focused Research on the Resolution
Based on your research, you determine your country’s positions on the draft Resolution and find support for that position (through empirical data, quotes from government leaders, and other research materials).

Drafting of Sponsored and Supporting Speeches
During the month of Mid-February to early April.
State whether your country is in favor of or opposed to the various operative paragraphs of the draft Resolution. Explain why your country supports or opposes particular operative clauses of the Resolution, and if you oppose, recommend changes thereto. Advisers will assist the students in revising and finalizing their speeches.

Submit your Speech
April 14
Submit an electronic copy of your complete speech to

Practice Speeches
April to April 18
Practice your speeches as often as possible. Time your speech and delete or add content so that you do not exceed the maximum time for sponsoring speeches and supporting speeches (maximum length of a sponsoring speech be approximately eight minutes; supporting speeches will be approximately five minutes. Final maximum times will be provided to advisors and students in March). We will attempt to provide your team with a Rotary Club meeting venue to give your speech to a live audience before the MUN Conference.

ORRMUN Conference
April 18-19, 2020.
Attend the MUN Conference at the Graduate Eugene Hotel. 

Advisor Timeline

Advisor guidelines: Advisors must be available for all team meetings, scheduled orientation and MUN events. The advisor will guide and advise the students as they prepare for the Conference. The advisor will assist the students with their research, their country’s positions on the resolution, and with drafting and practicing their speeches.

December 24, 2019
FINAL DEADLINE for Advisor applications for background checks.

late-January, 2020 (exact time and location TBA)
Student and Advisor Orientation – This will generally be the first time advisors meet their student team.  Teams and advisors should establish a meeting schedule.

late-January to April 14, 2020
Advisors guide your delegates as they conduct country research, review and evaluate the draft Resolution provided by MUN Committee, prepare their country’s position speech and prepare an amendment to the draft Resolution.

April, 2020
Notify MUN committee of all guests (student delegate parents, guardians, others) who will be attending Saturday evening banquet.  Submit menu selections for guests and Rotarians must be submitted.

April 14, 2020
Speeches should be finished and an electronic copy submitted to  Delegations should be practicing their speeches.

April 18-19, 2020
MUN Conference at the Graduate Eugene Hotel, Eugene OR

Time until the Model United Nations Conference